Learning Technology Advisors

If you need any help with using learning technologies or incorporating learning technologies into your teaching your first port of call is your School’s Learning Technology Advisor (LTA):

SchoolLTAEmailTeams Phone Number
Applied SciencesStephen Coes.m.coe2@hud.ac.uk01484 257789
Arts and HumanitiesDaniel Halld.hall3@hud.ac.uk01484 257943
Business, Education and LawJess Allen
(Currently only leave – contact Michael Murphy)
busvle@hud.ac.uk01484 957095
(01484 256583)
Computing and EngineeringSCEN Webscenweb@hud.ac.uk01484 257224
Human & Health SciencesPaul Daggp.w.dagg@hud.ac.uk01484 957131
Strategic Teaching and Learning TeamSteve Bentleys.d.bentley@hud.ac.uk01484 957105