Moving your Module Online (MYMO) Course

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If you are (or will be) involved in supporting students who are studying in online, distance or blended learning formats – this course may be of interest to you:

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Would you like to learn more about how to get your students participating, engaging and interacting online without the benefits of face-to-face meetings?

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Do you want to know what tips and tricks can be used to motivate students to engage with the resources and each other?

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Are you looking for help to develop a feeling of community amongst your online students?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then help is at hand. 


We have created an online course to support you to do all of the above. It is called Moving Your Module Online (MYMO). The course was originally created to support staff in the temporary pivot to online teaching during the Covid-19 pandemic, but the advice and resources relate to teaching online or blended delivery in general. The course  runs totally online and includes guides and tips on tools and technologies that you may want to use in the future with your students.

The course is self-paced, and the aim is to redesign one of your current face-to-face modules to make it suitable for the online or blended environment. This course is a non-credit bearing staff development course, with no end assessment. It is not intended to be too arduous or time-consuming; it is the first stage in developing your abilities to successfully teach online. However, if you want/need to meet the DLS Grid for online delivery (not design), then providing you complete all activities on the course and complete a few follow up tasks (further information below), we will send you a certificate to confirm you meet the DLS criteria for online delivery.

Introduction to the Moving your Module Online (MYMO) course

The Team:

The course will be monitored by a Team of people:

Dr Sue Folley (Academic Development Advisor)

From the Strategic Teaching and Learning Team in the VCO, whose remit is to advise staff on the pedagogic use of learning technologies, and who has a MSc in Multimedia and eLearning and an EdD focusing on the tutor experience of online teaching.

The Strategic Teaching and Learning Team

Various members of the Strategic Teaching and Learning Team based in the VCO will be helping to support this course and will be assisting with the evaluation of any submissions for the DLS Grid.

Learning Technology Support Assistant(s)

One or more placement students will be available to support staff with learning technologies. They will help support staff use any of the technologies on the course, as well as assisting with the monitoring of the online activities and producing guides for staff.

More information about the course

The course is split into the following sections:

  • A Welcome area
  • Stage 1 – Getting Started
  • Stage 2 – Considering your Approach
  • Stage 3 – Developing your Skills
  • Stage 4 – Building your Module
  • Stage 5 – Getting some feedback and checking your Module
  • Stage 6 – Completing the Course
  • Case Studies and Ideas

If you are likely to be involved in the delivery of online and/or highly blended courses in the future (not including any temporary arrangements due to Covid), you may want to consider producing the extra evidence needed to meet the DLS Grid requirements. So please let Sue Folley know: if you are interested in that, and you will be sent the extra information. In summary, you will be expected to fully complete the MYMO course and then provide three extra pieces of evidence:

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A screencast explaining how you have put what you have learned from MYMO into practice on one of your modules;

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A peer review of another colleague’s online or highly blended module with a colleague’s peer review of your module;

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Sharing some good practice elements of your online/blended module.

Thank you.

If you have any further questions about the course, please email Sue Folley:

Link to MYMO Module.

If you don’t have an access to the MYMO module in Brightspace, you may need enrollment on this module, please contact Sue Folley: