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Winter Options

Campus photo in the snow  Campus photo in the snow

There are many reasons during winter that your face-to-face classes may not run as planned, such as snow, ice, etc. Here are some alternative options using online technologies you can consider if there is some potential disruption to your class, or you are unable to get to campus:Photos by Mike Spikin, University of Huddersfield

  • Make good use of Brightspace: you can use the Announcement feature to alert students of any changes to classes. You can upload documents for students to read, upload YouTube or UniTube videos for them to watch and make use of the collaboration spaces like discussion boards, wikis, blogs, etc. These can all be accessed from home as long as students have an internet connection. You could get the students to work through some documents or watch some videos and post comments to a discussion board to replace a cancelled face-to-face class.

  • Also available in Brightspace is a chat facility, maybe think about using that during your office hours so students don't have to make the journey in bad conditions to campus to see you.

  • We have a webinar tool Adobe Connect. You could hold your face-to-face classes completely online instead of the students coming into campus. If you do intend to do this, make sure you are familiar with the Adobe Connect software and that you inform students the day before so they do not make unnecessary journeys. Stick to your decision even if the weather dramatically improves.

  • Make use of our video streaming and lecture capture software Panopto to record a lecture and then this can be uploaded to Brightspace to replace a cancelled face-to-face class. Link to more information and screencast guides on Panopto.

  • PowerPoint 2010 also has a inbuilt screencasting feature for you to make screencasts of your PowerPoint slides with audio commentary. There is a screencast showing you how to do that on this link. You could record the lecture you were planning to deliver, upload it to UniTube and make it available to the students on Brightspace.

  • Where you have set these up make use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter or text messaging service to communicate messages to students if classes are cancelled, postponed or changed in any way.

  • If you need any further help with learning technologies or deciding which tool to use for which purpose, please contact your school's Learning Technology Advisor, listed here.

  • Please note: Check with your line manager about working from home in bad conditions, as this is down to each Academic School's discretion and not University policy.

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    Campus photo in the snow


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