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UniConnect Enhancements

The following are the changes to UniConnect since the recent update (Sep 2016):


• Share pod: The positioning of the Drawing tools, when enabled by the host, is now on the left side of the screen for the participants. The tool bar has a new look and feel but the tools are the same as before.

Share pod: Drawing rights can now be easily given to all the participants at the same time by selecting the option on the context-sensitive pod menu (top right of the pod).

Video Pod: Previously, there was only one viewing option (‘grid’ view) which had all the videos of the participants at the same size but now there is another viewing option ‘filmstrip’ which allows the hosts video stream to be at the top, slighter larger and the participants videos slightly smaller below it.

Attendee pod: This now displays the name of the person who is actively speaking above the host's name.
Attendee pod: This now shows whose microphone is muted, by having a red line through the mic symbol next to their name.
• Share Pod: When application sharing, a control panel appears, which contains access to the Attendee pod and Chats pod to be able to communicate with other participants, you also use the panel to stop sharing and access notifications.


Webinar Recordings:

•When recording a webinar, there is now a pause button so users are now able to pause there video stream.
• When playing the webinar recordings back, there is a now a panel on the left of the recording, which creates sections of the webinar based on the change in layout, so when a user clicks on a new section, it lists the chat on the timeline and it shows when people have entered and left the session as well as the people who have used the chat pod.
•If the recordings are edited, the chat pod and the attendee pod can be excluded, which allows some anonymity for the participants. Sections of the recording can also be bookmarked.
•When accessing the recordings of the webinar, if you have chosen to make it public you can now add extra security by including a passcode on the recording to make it more secure/ private.

Web Browser:

•UniConnect does now perform better on Google Chrome, but we have experiences a few issues depending on the browser settings, so it is still best to avoid Chrome where possible.