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Tips on Building Your Module

Below is some advice on different features available within Brightspace that allows you create your modules quicker and easier. 

Module Search Box

This allows you to search for items within a module on Brightspace.

Drag and Drop of Files

This allows you to drag and drop files from your computer to your module on Brightspace.

Search for File Types in the UniLearn Download File using File Extensions

This allows you to search for multiple of the same file types within the UniLearn Download File.

Bulk Edit

This allows you to edit the title, description and release conditions for multiple items at once within the Table of Contents.

Marking All Progress Completion Types At Once

This allows you to change the marking progress types at once for all items in a unit or sub-unit.

Module Builder

This allows you to organise the structure of a module on Brightspace.

Manage Dates

This allows you to edit dates for single or multiple items at once including pieces of content, assignments and quizzes. 

Copying Components from other Modules

This allows you to copy items or components from other modules that you are enrolled within.