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Teaching and Learning Resources

Strategic Teaching and Learning Team

This team works as a forum for discussion and consultation and welcomes the opportunity to work with individual schools and services in the development of teaching and learning, to enable The University to meet its strategic priorities.  

Strategic Teaching and Learning Team

Teaching and Learning Code of Practice

This document outlines the expectations of our academic and professional support staff in delivering excellence in teaching and learning. There are resources available for our staff which underpin this work, including but not limited to iPark, MYMO on Brightspace, and the Teaching and Learning web pages.

Teaching & Learning Code of Practice

Course Leader Handbook

This guidance document gives an overview of the key roles and responsibilities of Course and helps you identify where further guidance can be found. It also includes guidance for Module Leaders, who work closely with their Course Leaders in delivering teaching and learning which is engaging, challenging and inspiring.

Course Leader Handbook

Teaching and Learning Matters Newsletter

In this area you will find the Teaching and Learning newsletters and relevant advisory documents.

Teaching & Learning Matters Newsletters and relevant advisory documents