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Tutorial Screencasts...

UniLearn Tutorial 1 - Personalising Your Environment

UniLearn Tutorial 2 - Adding and Modifying Content

UniiLearn Tutorial 3 - Modifying the Module Menu

UniLearn Tutorial 4 - Using Comunication Tools


UniLearn Tutorial 5 -- Using Groups

Unilearn Tutorial 6 - The Assignment Tool



Blackboard - Top 10 Tips for Making Your Module Better


Tip 10. Changing the style of the buttons

Tip 9. Releasing contenet only when appropriate

Tip 8. Adding a a banner to your Blackboard module

Tip 7. Gving student a collaborative communication space

Tip 6. Create a logical starting point fot your module

Tip 5. Add staff details an photos to the staff information page.

Tip 4. Make you moduel more visual by adding pictures and direct text

Tip 3. Add a welcome message to you module


Tip 2. Renaming buttons and removing unwanted ones.

Tip 1. Create modules that follow your course structure.


Blackboard Basics Screencast 1

Blackboard Basics 1 - logging in, basic navigation and overview

Blackboard Basics Screencast 2

Blackboard Basics 2 - adding and managing content and weblinks

Blackboard Basics Screencast 3

Blackboard Basics 3 - email, staff information and announcements

Blackboard Basics Screencast 4

Blackboard Basics 4 - user roles and management


Blackboard E-Portfolio Screencasts...

E-portfolio Screencast 1

Blackboard e-portfolio - Using the Content System

E-porfolio Screencast 2

Blackboard e-portfolio - Creating a portfolio, adding and modifying content

E-porfolio Screencast 3

Blackboard e-portfolio - Embedding tables and multimedia content3

E-portfolio Screencast 4

Blackboard e-portfolio - Sharing and exporting e-portfolios


Other Screencasts...

Camtasia Screencast

How to edit your screencasts using Camtasia Studio