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Create powerful surveys with Qualtrics XM

What is Qualtrics XM?

Qualtrics is a powerful online survey tool that can be used to create feature rich surveys, allowing you to capture and analyse data whilst providing collaboration tools to easily send surveys to staff, students and external users. XM, or experience manager, is the intuitive infrastructure used to enable you to create surveys with efficiency and ease.

Who can access Qualtrics?

The software is available to ALL University of Huddersfield staff and students and is the University’s approved survey tool. Other unapproved products should not be used.

How can I access Qualtrics?

You can access Qualtrics by visiting the Huddersfield Qualtrics page. To log in, please use your University username and password.

How do I create a survey?

Creating a survey is simple, please read the Basic Survey Overview to get started.

You may also watch the Configuring your Research Project video guides to learn the basic features.

You may need to login to access the courses. To do so:

  • Click the link to the course and choose the Sign In option.
  • Then, on the sign in page, click the Sign in with SSO option.
  • In the Organization ID text box, type hud
  • Then click Continue. You may now log in using your university username and password.

How is Qualtrics used at the University?

Qualtrics is already being used by Staff and Students around the University, some of these surveys have been used for:

• Academic Research

• Student Engagement

• Course Feedback

• Customer Feedback

Training and Support

Need help and support with the Qualtrics platform? Please see the Official Qualtrics Support Page.