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Pebblepad is an online e-portfolio system currently being developed in the School of Education and Human and Health Sciences. The e-portfolio is structured in a way that allows participants to map achievements and evidence of learning against set criteria to build up a log of resources. Pebblepad e-portfolios are split by course and within that the ability to create sets (groups) each area is facilitated by a manager (tutor) with external examiners given access on request - e-portfolios are private and can only be seen by facilitators of the course/set. Feedback and Grades can be assigned to each portfolio. Pebblepad consists of two main areas;

  • Assets
  • Resources

Assets is a personal document storage area where participants upload their materials e.g. document and images, this is private to the user until it is assigned to an area with the resource (workbook)

Benefits of using pebblepad

Pebblepad eportfolos can be used to;

  1. Develop and present a portfolio of work
  2. structure the portfolio to best meet the needs of the participants
  3. Adheres to GDPR regulations 
  4. Evidence of learning
  5. support job applications and applications for professional accreditations
  6. Portfolio for life

Useful Links to Resources in Pebblepad


Accessing Pebblepad

Accessing ATLAS

Accessing student submissions

Providing Feedback


Accessing PebblePad

Logging in and updating your profile

Uploading to your asset store

Using your a workbook

Attaching Assets

Viewing Feedback

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