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Online Distance Learning

If you are currently involved in the design and/or delivery of wholly online modules/courses, we as a University have to demonstrate to the QAA that you have been trained appropriately for this and the routes are summarised below: 

You need to meet one of the following criteria: 

Have completed the e-tutoring module as part of the MSc in Technology Enhanced Learning (previously called the MSc in Multimedia and eLearning) or have a similar master’s level qualification from a previous institution.  

Have fully completed the MYMO Staff Development Course in Brightspace along with some additional evidence: 

  • A screencast explaining how you have put what you have learned from MYMO into practice in the design and delivery of one of your modules;  
  • A peer review of another colleague’s online or highly blended module  

  • A sharing of at least one element of the good practice used in your module at a Learning Bytes or other Staff Development session. 

Have previously successfully completed an APEL application for online design and had this accepted by the ODL APEL panel (please note this is no longer available as a route from 1st March 2021). 

Please note if you have previously been approved for online delivery only via either the APEL process or completion of the Facilitating Online course, this still is valid as evidence for online delivery, but if you would like to provide evidence for online design you need to complete one of the options above. 

School SAVPs are responsible for maintaining the list of people in their School who have met the criteria for online design and delivery. 

If you want to take the MYMO route – please contact Sue Folley ( who will explain what you need to do and enrol onto the relevant group in MYMO. 


APEL – Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning 

MYMO – Moving Your Module Online (Staff Development Course) 

ODL – Online Distance Learning 

QAA – Quality and Assurance Agency 

SAVP – School Accreditation and Validation Panel 

If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement or spot any errors on this page, please email further details to:, thank you.