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MyReading: Digital Extracts

Information to be aware of when adding journal articles and book chapters

Making extracts available

There are resource and copyright implications to be aware of when adding extracts to s MyReading list, the following information is therefore provided to assist your decision making process when compiling your reading lists, four possible scenarios apply when adding extracts:

1.  We hold the book or journal article electronically

1.1 In the case of a journal article the MyReading reference will link to the article itself, in the case of a book extract the link will be to the e-book, but the reference will contain a note directing students to the relevant chapter or page

2.  We hold the book or journal in paper form only

2.1 The article or extract will be digitized by the MyReading Team under the terms of the Copyright Licensing Agency Basic HE License or by requesting permission from the publisher.

2.2 To scan a typical 18 page extract and undertake the necessary administration to comply with copyright legislation costs approximately £5.87. However, if the publisher imposes an additional licence fee this is usually based on the number of students currently being taught on the module and can be significant, if this applies you may be contacted by your subject librarian to discuss the actual cost.

3. We don’t hold the book, but it is still available

3.1 We will order the book. The average cost of a print book from the library supplier via the NEYAL contract is £26.00 and the average cost of an e-book is £50.00

3.2 However, the wider accessibility of e-books generally makes this the most cost effective option particularly if extracts are required for MyReading lists.

3.3 Where a title is only obtainable in paper format depending on price it may be cost effective to purchase the whole book and scan the particular extract required, please note that the University needs to own an institutional copy to scan under the terms of the CLA License, a lecturer’s own copy will not suffice.

4. The book or journal is not held and cannot be obtained

4.1 When we cannot obtain a paper copy e.g. if it is out of print and unobtainable or the price of the book would make it prohibitively expensive to buy for the sake of just one extract the MyReading team will request a copyright cleared copy of the extract itself from the British Library.

4.2 We pay an additional copyright fee to enable us to scan a copy instead of the original book or journal on average a copyright cleared copy costs £22.00.


As resources are finite, please keep the following in mind when adding extracts to your reading list:

  • Check whether the book or journal article is accessible from library stock.
  • If the title is not ‘in stock’ the MyReading team will buy an electronic copy where possible/appropriate or a print copy if not.
  • If the MyReading team can only source a paper copy we will digitize the extract required and undertake the necessary administration to comply with the terms of our CLA license.
  • If the title is not ‘in stock’ and you know that it is out of print please consider whether an alternative title might meet your teaching needs as effectively.
  • If a suitable alternative is not available the MyReading team will try to obtain a copyright cleared copy to digitize.
  • All digitized extracts need to be reviewed on an annual basis to comply with the terms of the CLA license the MyReading team will contact you in the early summer to remind you to do this.
Additional information on Copyright:

Staff and students of our university are obliged to abide by UK Copyright Legislation in the form of the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 and subsequent statutory instruments and updates, the CDPA 1988 anticipated the setting up of Licensing schemes to making it easier for organizations including educational institutions like our own to abide by the law in the course of their day to day business. The University of Huddersfield subscribes to several such licensing schemes to support Teaching and Learning activity, these include: The Copyright Licensing Agency Higher Education License (Basic) The Newspaper Licensing Agency License and the Educational Recordings Agency License and ERA Plus Licenses, the main licensing relevant to print (paper and electronic) is the CLA Basic HE License.

These licenses broadly enable us to use material for the purposes of education without necessarily having to apply for separate copyright permissions every time we would like to do so however, the licenses themselves have restrictions and terms and conditions that academics need to be aware of and comply with please consult the CLS web pages  for more information about our copyright licenses, all staff have a personal responsibility to ensure that the university complies with copyright legislation and licenses.

Note Well

It is now the policy of the University of Huddersfield that all extracts digitized under the terms of the CLA License should be made available through the MyReading lists, if you feel that there are valid pedagogical reasons why your extracts need to be somewhere else please contact Chris Beevers the License Co-ordinator, (, 01484 472051) to discuss your needs. However, there should be no other undeclared digitized extracts from works in copyright within UniLearn the CLA will audit the university on occasion and will be given access to UniLearn to check, please take the transition to UniLearn and MyReading as the opportunity to remove all illegal material before you are held responsible.

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