Mobile Learning


Mobile learning can be defined as learning using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or learning whilst mobile so while out and about away from more formal teaching settings, many students and members of staff now own mobile devices and there are a variety of apps (some free others not) which can be useful in a teaching and learning context. Students can collaborate with others on projects easier and even use interactive content and take notes electronically within lectures. Mobile devices allow students to engage with their studies whilst out and about in numerous ways such as using time traveling to read notes or engage with discussions, uploading photos or images to a sharing site or sharing online resources with a learning network. Listed below are some apps which may be useful to you and your students.

Useful Mobile Apps

Click here to see a list of useful apps for you teaching and learning. 

Links to useful resources on Mobile learning:

Engage students with mobile learning

To find out about Mobile Learning you can access the JISC Mobile Learning infokit, a developing resource put together by Doug Belshaw, it is a great introduction to what mobile learning is and covers both the pedagogy of mobile learning as well as implementation and case studies.

Mobile Learning infoKit from JISC infoNet

If you want to learn more about how technology-enhanced delivery may both improve the efficiency of institutional or curriculum processes and their quality take a look at the JISC report "Transforming curriculum delivery through technology: Stories of challenge, benefit and change".


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