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What to do

Add meaningful hyperlink text as it is more accessible for individuals using a screen reader.

On presentations, if URLs are necessary, shorten them or consider using QR codes.

Instead of using ‘Click here’, include the title of the page you are linking to or make the link descriptive.

How to find it

For long links, shorten links by using sites such as or

QR codes can be easily generated by right-clicking on any web page in Microsoft Edge and selecting Create QR code for this page on the search bar.

Why do it

People who use screen readers sometimes just scan the list of links in a document or web page, meaningful and descriptive links are easier to understand.

Links would then be read on their own and out of context away from the full text. This means links need to be given a clear and accurate title about where the link is going to.

How to do it

QR Code Generator.

For more information and resources please visit Microsoft Accessibility Video Training.