Lecture Capture Background


In 2015, Sabrina Hussain stood as a candidate for VP Education in the Students’ Union. She won -and one of her election manifesto promises was about Lecture Capture. Once in post, she began to research and discuss the need for such a system and the requirements. This led to the founding of a steering group and the University’s backing for her campaign.

In the early part of 2016, a complex and rigorous tendering process took place, to examine the key players in the market and to allow them to present their products. The University has chosen ‘Panopto’ as our provider for this service.

Many Universities around the world have already introduced some level of ‘lecture capture’ -indeed, some tutors at Huddersfield have already been doing it themselves. There is already evidence from other universities that lecture capture can play a role in attainment, retention and satisfaction. The project will result in the automatic recording of all taught sessions (so it will include sessions such as seminars and demonstrations, if there is some input from the teacher), and automatic uploading onto the VLE. 

Evaluations from similar systems operating elsewhere show that students value this facility very highly, and use it selectively to review sections they have not understood or wish to think about more carefully. A high proportion of our competitors, regionally and nationally, already offer lecture capture to students, and our Students Union has been pressing for this for over a year. It is likely to be of value to all students, and can be especially helpful for international students and those with certain kinds of disabilities.

During the summer of 2016, just over 120 rooms will be equipped with new PCs, boundary microphones and cameras, ready to capture the teaching space. These will be ready for use by September 2016.

We will also be synchronising the timetable with the recordings schedule so that lectures are automcatially captured. They will then be uploaded, 48 hours later, onto the VLE.

Panopto has been chosen as a system that is designed to be simple to use and which will cause the minimum amount  disruption or extra work. 


Link to staff training and further guidance and information about HudStream (Lecture Capture) including FAQs and screencast videos