Learning Bytes


Learning Bytes sessions are a series of informal one-hour lunchtime sessions for all staff – each one will focus on a different pedagogical need and allow for discussion and sharing of best practice alongside short demonstrations where appropriate. The sessions are informal so please feel free to bring your own lunch along although coffee and tea will be provided. To book onto any of the sessions or for more information please contact one of us below:


2017 Session Details:

Date Time Room Session Notes
Thurs 19th Jan            12:15-13:15     
Conference Room - Level 7 SB
Turnitin: Introducing the new Feedback Studio; and Addressing Student Anxiety with Plagiarism Detection

Presentation (PDF)


Wed 22nd Feb 13:15-14:15 Conference Room - Level 7 SB  Creating videos for facilitating the Flipped Classroom

Presentation (PDF)

Presentation (PDF)

Mon 20th Mar 12:15-13:15 McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB Using Yammer in Teaching and Learning Presentation (PDF)
Tues 25th Apr 12:15-13:15 BSG/22 10 Learning Technology Life Hacks for making life easier 

Presentation (PDF)

Wed 24th May 12:15-13:15 HWG/23

An Update on the VLE Review: Apologies this session has been cancelled                          

Wed 21st Jun


McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB MyReading – designing your reading list Presentation (PDF)
Thurs 20th Jul 12:15-13:15 IT Training Room - Level 7 SB Making teaching sessions more interactive Presentation (PDF)
Tues 19th Sep 12:30-13:30 McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB HudStream: More than Just Lecture Capture Presentation (PDF)
Weds 18th Oct 12:15-13:15 McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB VLE Review: Goodbye Blackboard, Hello Brightspace – the story so far and plans for the transition in 18/19. Presentation (PDF)
Tues 21st Nov 13:15-14:15 McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB VLE Review: Goodbye Blackboard, Hello Brightspace – the story so far and plans for the transition in 18/19.  
Wed 13th Dec 12:15-13:15 McClelland Suite - Level 7 SB    


2016 Sessions and Notes:

January 2016- 10 Tips to make your Unilearn content more accessible for all students- Presentation (PDF)  

Febuary 2016- Monitoring Student Engagement and Learning within Unilearn- Presentation (PDF)

March 2016- Killer Apps for Teaching and Learning- Presentation (PDF)

April 2016- Referencing Software: Getting started with your research, or helping students with theirs?- Presentation (PDF)

May 2016- Quicker Marking using Rubrics (Grading Criteria)- Presentation (PDF)

June 2016- Benefits of MyReading- Student Survey Results (PDF) Reading list design (PDF)

July 2016- A first look at HudStream - Lecture Capture *FULL*- Presentation (PDF)

September 2016- UniConnect Taster- UniConnect Webinar

October 2016- An Overview of Learning Technologies at Huddersfield- Presentation (PDF)

November 2016-  How the reports within UniLearn and Turnitin could help you improve retention and attainment- Presentation (PDF)

December 2016-  Pimp up my module: 12 tips to make your UniLearn module more engaging and visually appealing- Presentation (PDF)


2015 Sessions and Notes:

January 2015 - Using Blogs and Wikis in Teaching and Learning - Presentation (PDF)

Febuary 2015 - Turnitin Myths and Tips - 

March 2015 - UniLearn for Central and School Services - Presentation (PDF)

April 2015 - Online Learning Resources for Postgraduate Researchers - Online Resources (PDF)Epigeum (PDF)Skills training (PDF)

May 2015 - Using Summon Effectively - 

June 2015 - Online Distance Learning - Presentation (PDF)

July 2015 - Improve your Presentation Slides for Teaching - Presentation (PDF)

September 2015 - Copyright in Education - Presentation (PDF)

October 2015 - Enhancing your Marking and Feedback - Presentation (PDF)

November 2015 - Alternatives to essays for Student Assignments - Presentation (PDF)

December 2015 - Innovative Uses of Video in Teaching and Learning - Presentation (PDF)


2014 Sessions and Notes:

Jan 2014 - Using the Turnitin App - Presentation

Feb 2014 - Screencasting and Lecture Capture - Presentation - Helpful Information

March 2014 - Collaborative Tools - Recording

April 2014 - Managing Learning - Presentation

May 2014 - Assessment Tools - Recording

June 2014 - Tools & Tips for Teaching Distance Learning - Presentation

July 2014 - Make your UniLearn Module more Visually Appealing - Presentation

September 2014 - Holistic View of Learning Technologies at Huddersfield - Presentation

October 2014 - Introduction to UniConnect - Recording

November 2014 - UniTube and Video Sharing - Presentation

December 2014 - UniLearn's 12 Days of Christmas - Presentation


2013 Sessions and Notes:

Jan 2013 - Webinar Tool: Uisng Adobe Connect - Recording

Feb 2013 - Top 10 UniLearn Tipes - Presentation

March 2013 - Social Reading

April 2013 - Referencing Software - Reference Management, System Ref worksPrezi on Endnote

May 2013 - Yammer

June 2013 - UniTube - Presentation

July 2013 - The Flipped Classroom - Presentation

Sep 2013 - Adobe Bridge

Oct 2013 - Summon

Nov 2013 - Using Google Sites for ePortfolios

Dec 2013 - Introducing the Blackboard (UniLearn) Mobile App


2012 Sessions and Notes:

Jan 2012 - The use of Video in Teaching and Learning and using Unitube: The University's Video Streaming software

Feb 2012 - Electronic submission and marking with Turnitin's Grademark Notes

March 2012 - All you have ever wanted to know about Summon Notes

April 2012 - Making the most of your ipad/iphone List of useful apps to download

May 2012 - Using mobile devices in teaching and learning Presentation

June 2012 - The use of quizzes and surveys in teaching and learning Presentation

July 2012 - Using audio feedback Presentation  Notes

Sep 2012 - E-Portfolios in UniLearn using the Campus Pack Tools Notes

Oct 2012 - Introduction to Twitter as a tool for personal development and for use in teaching and learning Presentation Notes

Nov 2012 - Introduction to screencasting Notes


2011 Sessions and Notes:

Jan 2011 - Introduction to Blackboard v9.1 followed by an open questions on Blackboard Session Questions asked and responses

Feb 2011 - Making the most of your iphone/ipad List of useful apps to download

March 2011 - Demo of Unitube: the University's Video Streaming software Notes from the session

April 2011 - Demo of Student Response System for use with mobile devices Link to more info

May 2011 - The use of Screencasting in Teaching and Learning Notes from the session

Jun 2011 - Making the most of Grademark for electronic submission and marking Cath's Prezi

Sep 2011 - E-Portfolios using Campus Pack Tools  Presentation Slides

Oct 2011 - Using Blogs and Wikis in Teaching and Learning Presentation Slides    Notes from the session

Nov 2011 - Use of Facebook and Twitter in Teaching and Learning Presentation Slides

Dec 2011 - Using Webinars in Teaching and Learning including a demo of Elluminate Presentation Slides


2010 Sessions and Notes:

Mar 2010 - How can I mark more efficiently and give feedback to students more quickly? Notes from the session

Apr 2010 - How can I connect better with students and communicate more efficiently with them?  Notes from the session

May 2010 - What is an e-portfolio? How can I use them in teaching and learning? Notes from the session

Jun 2010 - How can I automatically mark in class quizzes? (Using voting pads)  Notes from the session

Jul 2010 - How can I use synchronous communication to engage with students? Notes from this session    Presentation Slides

Oct 2010 - How can we get students to reflect more effectively on their learning?  Notes from this session

Nov 2010 - How can I use Blackboard to make my course more interactive/collaborative? Notes from this session

Dec 2010 - Ten tips on how to instantly make my Blackboard module better  Notes from this session    Screencast guides on each tip


If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement or spot any errors on this page, please email further details to: ipark@hud.ac.uk, thank you.