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How-to Videos (Screencasting)

Screencasts & Videos 

HudStream service has the capacity to allow screen recordings/videos to be made on computers and videos to be made using mobile devices. All the recordings made are uploaded to your user area and can then be added into Unilearn courses. These can be useful for: 

  • recording demonstrations of software from a computer
  • recording a powerpoint presentation from a computer
  • recording a short video with additional information to back-up a lecture 
  • recording any materials that you want to use in a 'flipped classroom' approach to learning
  • recording from a webcam or mobile device to speak directly to students or take a video 
  • recording from a mobile device to show an item in detail (eg how an item of clothing is made in Textiles or some science equipment in Applied Sciences). The options here are as limitless as your imagination! 

















Installing Panopto Software: The Panopto software is not installed by default on staff work PCs. If you work from home or on your own laptop, you would also need to install the software. For mobile devices, an app is available.  

How to install Panopto recording software on your work PC (must be a networked PC)  *Do not do this in teaching rooms enabled for lecture capture*

How to install Panopto recording software on your home PC/laptop 

Using Panopto recording software:

How to Record Your Screen with Panopto for Windows