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Flying Start

Flying Start and all Inductions/Introductions

The key aim is to set up a positive, welcoming environment that enables new students to meet key staff and each other to discuss their subject.

Flying Start’s key aims:

  • Stimulates excitement about the subject
  • Develops an academic community
  • Encourages students to work with new people
  • Develops habits of intensive, full-time study                                                                                                 

There are also a lot of good ideas, techniques, and advice on the ‘ Moving your Module Online’ (MYMO) module on Brightspace.  

Flying Start Planning Resources

Student-facing resources for staff to use with students

For assistance, meetings or questions please contact Jane Wormald (

Key Points

The Office for Students Catalyst project supports Universities in themed projects of innovation in Higher Education. Our project, in collaboration with Universities of Lincoln, Coventry and Manchester Metropolitan, shared an overall Office for Students led aim to address barriers to student success. Flying Start is one of the initiatives instigated by the University of Huddersfield through the project entitled ‘Intervention for Success’ (I4S), with a specific focus on students who live, study and travel to University from the family home. Flying Start provides an immersive, educational experience for new first year undergraduate students that is active, engaging and subject specific. It builds on existing research which identifies social and academic engagement between peers and with staff as significant for retention, achievement and belonging (for example, Tinto, 1993; Thomas, 2012; Braxton et al, 2014; Dwyer,2017), ultimately aiming to close differential achievement and reduce attrition. The first student surveys and tutor responses (2017) concluded by showing significantly positive effects in areas of engagement, self-confidence and belongingness, especially for the male students, and a stronger sense of having built positive relationships with peers and staff compared to non-Flying Start courses.

The University of Huddersfield has over 50% of its students living and studying from home with a high proportion of these students in widening participation categories. For these students, withdrawal can have a particularly damaging impact, both personally and financially. Non-continuation is also costly for institutions with retention and achievement data being scrutinised by Universities, in line with the requirements of the Teaching Excellence Framework. Like many universities, our most ‘at risk’ students include combinations of student characteristics, for instance males studying and living at home, BAME students or those entering HE with low UCAS tariffs, BTEC or non-standard qualifications. These characteristics are recognised across the country by most universities. This project has enabled the use of central student data to identify these characteristics and recognise how they are spread, or cluster, across the university. Universities, Schools and courses are made up of different combinations of potentially at-risk students and identifying these has been important. Ongoing work in this area has developed significantly and provides us with insightful data at University, School and even course level.

Flying Start is one of several welcome initiatives at the University of Huddersfield.
From September 2021, new entrants to the University will also be directed to a pre-arrival magazine style resource called ‘Ready, Steady, Study’ (for UGs and PGTs) and ‘Ready, Steady, Research’ (PGRs) This is best viewed by phone but can be accessed on any device. It is unlikely that this will overlap with Flying Start activities, but it is worth staff knowing what’s there. There may be some overlap in your Flying Start with the ‘University Induction Resource’ (also available to all teaching staff on Brightspace). Please make yourselves familiar with this and refer students to relevant sections when applicable. New students are encouraged to complete the essentials of the resource, but there is plenty there you can use for information and ready-made resources during Flying Start and into the first term. You may also find some good, blended ideas on ‘Moving Your Module Online (MYMO)’ (on Brightspace).

The key aim is to set up a positive, welcoming environment that enables new students to meet key staff and each other to discuss their subject.
Stimulates excitement about the subject
Subject specific
Develops an academic community
Encourages students to work with new people
Develops habits of intensive, full-time study

Content should be:
Activity based tasks
Subject specific
Current & purposeful
Staff and peer interactions
Promotes belonging
Campus & town orienteering
Relates to careers
Introduces PATs, GPA, academic integrity

For assistance, meetings or questions please contact Jane Wormald (


Heritage Quay University Campus Trail Activity

Heritage Quay has designed a historical campus trail for Flying Start (thank you, Becky Bowd). This is an activity to get to know the campus through its history. Becky has made an amazing leaflet and mini quiz for student groups to do after returning for their tasks with evidence.
Hud Trail Leaflet

Contact: Rebecca Bowd, University Archivist.

Global Professional Award (year 1s) slide.

For staff to promote and explain the GPA. Staff do not need specialist knowledge about the GPA – this slide (Yr1 GPA slide) directs any questions to the GPA team.

For background, here is a brief video about the GPA, which is for staff viewing only:

– (3 min 16 secs).


– Student Video about GPA (3 min 48 secs).

If any members of staff are asked about whether or not the GPA is compulsory, and they feel they want to answer:

“The GPA is a scheduled and timetabled part of your degree – it is expected, and in your best interests, to complete this. It is a pass/fail module – if you don’t meet the requirements of the GPA, you will not receive the CMI level 5 qualification, but your overall degree grade will not be impacted”.

Also, feel free to direct students to the team directly – the email address is

Careers and employability:

Here are a couple of resources that CES has designed for tutors to use for Flying Start.

Flying Start networking and elevator pitches:

Flying Start graduate attributes activity:

Academic Integrity Resource

Academic Integrity. Remember all students must complete this resource, timetabling it as a task during FS is really useful. This ppt is an aid to introducing the concept (this is also available in Huddersfield Essentials). 

Personal Academic Tutors  

All students should be introduced to the concept of PATs and meet with their allocated PAT very early on. ‘Your Personal Academic Tutor’ can be used to introduce the role of the PAT during Flying Start and includes a video about how to get the most out of a PAT tutorial. 

Click on PAT advising to watch the video.

Wellbeing and Disability

Even before students begin the GPA programme, they may need to know where support services are for either themselves or others. 

Students can get in touch with the Wellbeing Services on or Disability Services on They can request an appointment with a Disability Adviser by completing the Disability Services Online Appointment Request form.  

If you are on campus, iPoint can facilitate access to Wellbeing and Disability Services. They are situated at the main entrance to Student Central and are the reception to all student services and more. They can also ring iPoint on 01484 471001. 

Please be aware, an appointment with Wellbeing and Disability Services will be online via Teams or via telephone unless there are circumstances that require you to meet staff face to face. 

Students can access online support through an online service called Togetherall. This is confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers online self-help information, advice from trained staff, and peer support.  

There is Support and Guidance staff within each Academic School. Please have a look at your school's web pages for details of these staff and how to contact them.

Guides and Resources

See examples of past projects and Flying Start sessions under the ‘Guides and Resources’ button below or

For assistance, meetings or questions please contact Jane Wormald (

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