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Digital Accessibility-BrightSpace

Brightspace has been designed to be fully accessible. As web-based software, it complies with accessibility standards in that it is compliant with International web-access standards (VPAT and WCAC 2.0AA) and works with assistive technologies. 

The good news for lecturers, teachers and tutors is that Brightspace has several features that will make things much more accessible if the guidelines are followed. 

These are the guidelines specific to working in Brightspace. You should still be following the guidelines specific to Word, PowerPoint and General Guidelines for other content that you add. 

1. Colour checking 

Brightspace will automatically guide you on colour choices by using the accessibility checker. So, if you have colours that are not appropriate for the page, they will be highlighted through the accessibility checker and you will have the chance to change them. 

Check the colour you are using in accessible in Brightspace (48 seconds) 

2. Think about your filenames and descriptions

Appropriate filenames can really help students with their organisation. Think also about adding a description to your files when you add them, so that students know what the file is about. 

Appropriate filenames and descriptions (1min 29 secs) 

3. Font size, font style & headings  

  • Use Font size 12 
  • Use a sans serif font 
  • Use headings to make sure that the document can be 'skim read' by a screen-reader 

4. Images 

When you add an image, the software asks you to add some ALT text. This is for people who cannot see the picture. It may be tempting to tick 'The image is decorative' but avoid that temptation and take a few seconds to type in what the picture is. 

Add Alternative Text to an Image in Brightspace  (58 seconds) 

5. Spelling and Accessibility Check 

Brightspace has spelling and accessibility check functions. These should always be used before publishing a page. 
They will highlight any incorrect spellings or accessibility issues, explaining how they can be corrected. 

Spelling and accessibility check in Brightspace  (1min 36secs)