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Personal Academic Tutor Dashboard

Explanation of System:

The Personal Academic Tutor Dashboard is a University system for supplying tutors with information about their students and their academic performance in one place. This information includes attendance records, and any Personal Learning Support Plans that might be in place.

Benefits of System:

The Personal Academic Tutor Dashboard will enable personal tutors to have a clearer overview of their personal tutees’ academic performance and provide the opportunity for discussions about academic work, and what students can do to improve their performance and raise attainment. It also allows for conversations about referrals to University support services where appropriate.

Additional Information:


Who should I contact regarding personal tutee allocation error or other information errors on the Dashboard?

Please contact your School Manager or School ASIS contact regarding any information amendment. The Dashboard draws its content from the ASIS database.

Why can’t I access the Attendance Monitoring area?

You may be using the wrong password. Please check with your School Manager.

Why can’t I see a Personal Learning Support Plan (PLSP) link?

The student doesn’t have a PLSP, and therefore the link will not be visible.

What do I do if the student I am seeing doesn’t appear on my list?

In the Student Overview Hub, select the sub-menu Student Overview Hub and input the student number here to access his or her individual Dashboard.

What does it mean when I get this error message 

This error means that there are no student records to show in the view (vista) that the user was trying to access.  The system takes the user's tutees list from the information supplied by schools into ASIS.  If the tutee list is incorrect or no student records match then, this can resolved by the School admin office.

Training Session:

We are developing a training session for the personal academic tutor role. If you are interested, please register via this staff development link

Introduction to the Personal Academic Tutor Role -