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Brightspace is the University's virtual learning environment developed by Desire 2 Learn (D2L). Brightspace was introduced to a few select courses for the academic year 17/18, with the full implementation now underway.

Brightspace has many features:

  • The ability to easily modify module content with the drag and drop interface.

  • Add multimedia and external links such as YouTube or Vimeo via the Insert Stuff tool.

  • Provide video feedback to students with the Video Note tool.

  • Create quizzes, surveys, discussions, blogs and more to provide a more engaging learning experience.

  • Compare students' performance with one another in the module using the Class Progress dashboard.

  • View individual student's performance, such as viewing their grades, login history, course access, and more, all in one place.

  • Attach release conditions to content in order to choose which users get access to the content.

  • Email students through Intelligent Agents to congratulate them on doing well or encourage students to access particular content in order to improve their performance.


Getting Started

Link to Brightspace Bytes Training Module

Link to Brightspace How-to-Guides

Link to Quick Start Guide for Building your Module 

Tips on Building your modules quickly

The differences between Quizzes, Surveys and Self-Assessments in Brightspace.

Creating Quizzes in Brightspace

Assessment in Brightspace

Brightspace - University Strategy / Minimum Requirements

Additional Information


Contact Details

If you have any questions regarding Brightspace, please contact your school's LTA or Andy Raistrick (

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