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Using Lecture Capture in Music Technology 

Mr. Braham Hughes is a senior lecturer in the School of Computing and Engineering and teaches Music Technology.

  • Time saved as students use the lecture capture rather than asking for tutorials 
  • Useful for professional development 
Picture of Braham Hughes

Description:  The subject is predominantly practical and course work based.

Type of student: Undergraduate

Why use lecture capture? It is a really valuable resource for students as it enables them to look at lectures when they need them.

How are you using lecture capture with students? Braham uses lecture capture in taught session to capture key content. Braham also plans to record short instructional videos for the students as a way to supplement the recorded resources available to the students.

‘I did the first one [recording] and edited the first one and thought this is fantastic…this is a fantastic resource. Within a couple of weeks I had seen two or three students had watched the videos…students who had been absent for illness…Even on a purely practical basis this has saved me either a tutorial for half an hour or a really lengthy email trying to explain what had happened. I could just email them and say there is a lecture capture, have a look at that and get back to me if there is anything…’

Student feedback Feedback from students indicates that they find the system useful and they use it as a way to refresh their memory of session content, revisit slides, review demonstrations or catch up after an absence.

What does lecture capture allow you to do? From a practical perspective, it has saved time as Braham has been able to signpost students who have missed sessions to the recordings. Although Braham was initially conscious about being recorded, he has used the recordings to reflect on his delivery, considering how he comes across talking about the subject.

Lessons learned/advice

  • It is worthwhile taking the time to explain to students how the lecture capture system works so that they are aware what is happening and what they can expect.
  • Reviewing the lecture capture recordings can be a useful tool for CPD.