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9. Advanced UniConnect - Sharing Applications

9. Advanced UniConnect - Sharing Applications:

To introduce participants to using the application share feature of UniConnect, the University's webinar and virtual classroom software.

Following the session the participants will be able to:

  • Be aware of what application share is in Unilearn and what benefits it can offer to students
  • Use application share to share their screens with remote students
  • Be familiar with the process for giving the rights to students to enable them to share their screen in a UniConnect session
  • Be confident in how to remove share access from a student and/or end an application share process

Introduction Video:



1. UniConnect Advanced: Application Share by tutors                   


How to Guides:                    

1. UniConnect Advanced: Application Share by

2. UniConnect Advanced: Giving students  rights for application share                                                             








2. UniConnect Advanced: Giving students rights for application share  


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