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5. Setting up Turnitin submission point and understanding the Originality Report

5. Setting up Turnitin submission piont and understanding the Originality Report:

To familiarise participants with setting up Turnitin in order that students can submit assignment electronically, and be able to fully understand the originality report in order to make a judgement on plagiarism and academic writing style.

Following the session the participants will be able to:

  • Setup a Turnitin assignment with the correct options.
  • Access and identify the different elements of the Turnitin originality report
  • Identify the different sources of originality matches
  • Make an informed judgement on whether the originality report may indicate plagiarism 
  • Identify patterns in the originality report which may identify poor academic writing skill

Introduction Video:


1. How to create a Turnitin assignment


2. Understanding the Originality Report 

How to Guides:                                                              

1. How to create a Turnitin assignment






















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