UniTube is Huddersfield University’s video streaming and lecture capture service.

It has a plethora of useful educational videos already uploaded to it including free-to-air TV programmes and films and videos created by other members of staff.

You can upload your own videos to it, record free-to-air TV and Radio broadcasts, or capture lectures given in specific lecture rooms across the campus your students can then access the videos from UniTube directly or through links that you embed within UniLearn.

UniTube offers security that is not afforded by other video streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo as students and staff alike need to log-on using their university logon and password in order to view the videos, this allows you to keep tight control of your videos and ensure that they are only being accessed by authorised viewers, you can set who can access your video such as only allow staff to watch it or anyone who is on campus.

The ability to record free-to-air TV programmes (including films) is invaluable you can schedule the recording of free-to-air programmes youself see the how-to-guide and screencast below to learn how to do this, you can even record some programmes that were broadcast last week if you have any problems with this just let your Subject Librarian know.

Using Unitube

Below are some resources for you that show you how to use UniTube.

Have a look on the Staff Development Home Page to see the latest schedule.

Lecture Capture Using Unitube

What is Lecture Capture

Our Lecture Capture system will record the images and sound sent to the projector from the lectern and all audio captured via the rooms microphones including lapel and handheld microphones.

Some rooms have the benefit of also having a camera installed in which case you may additionally record images captured by the camera.

The recording is stored on the University’s video streaming service (UniTube) and can be accessed by students and staff alike unless the user chooses to only broadcast the session in which instance students and staff can access the session in real time but no recording is stored.

When watching a session (either recording or real-time) if video has been record from both lectern and camera, the viewer may choose to watch either or both of the presented streams.

What is a lecture capture box

A lecture capture box is a computer that sits in each lecture room and is integrated with the rooms audio and lectern computer (the computer housed in the room’s lectern that is linked to the projector) The lecture capture box is used in order to record the lecture.

To schedule a recording for a lecture you will need to contact the member of staff responsible for that room, a list of rooms enabled for lecture capture and the person to contact is detailed below;

Room Support contact Lectern Audio Camera
CWG/11 CLS Yes Yes No
Buckley LT CLS Yes Yes No
Large Conf Room (L7) CLS Yes Yes No
CWS/10 CLS Yes Yes No
HWG/04 Colin Smith Yes Yes No
BS1/01 Mark Curry Yes Yes Yes
WG/32 Kuldip Singh Yes Yes Yes
WG/33 Kuldip Singh Yes Yes Yes
WG/34 Kuldip Singh Yes Yes Yes
Roaming Kuldip Singh Yes Yes Yes

What is an encoder

Some schools (and the library) also possess encoder computers, encoders are a computer that is similar to a lecture capture box but can additionally perform the following functions 

  • Capturing a laptop screen & audio and upload to UniTube.

  • Capturing a video cameras input and upload to UniTube.

  • Uploading media files to UniTube.

Please note in order to upload media to UniTube you must either own the copyright, have permission from the copyright holders or it must fall with in the ERA+ licence agreement that the University holds.

If needed these encoders can be connected to a video camera and microphones and used to provide simple lecture capture functionality in areas that are not already configured for lecture capture.

In order to facilitate this, in addition to the encoder computer you will need a suitable video camera, operator and network connectivity in the area that you wish to record, this is required please note, the encoders will not operate over the wireless network.

Below is a list of the encoders and who to contact should you need assistance;

School Contact
CLS Chris Beevers
SMUS Ben Fisher
SU (Radio Hudd) CLS
SEDU Jebar Ahmed


If you have any feedback, suggestions for improvement or spot any errors on this page, please email further details to: ipark@hud.ac.uk, thank you.