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UniLearn Rollover

Introduction to the UniLearn Rollover Process

The Rollover process is the annual creation of upcoming UniLearn modules, the process involves the following:

  • A copy is made of existing modules that are due to run in the next academic year. 

  • The duplicate copy is then renamed with the new academic year on it e.g.. ABC1000-1415 will be rolled over as ABC1000-1516.

  • The tutor-generated content is generally kept and the student-generated content is removed.

  • These new modules are then made available to staff so that they can make changes and updates before the next academic year.

  • Access to the new modules will normally not be given to students until September.

  • During the summer (usually the week after graduation) all the old modules will be marked unavailable and instructor access to these modules will be disabled during this time there will be some brief interruptions to UniLearn as some minor updates and maintenance will be done at the same time.

  • If you need access to any of the previous year's modules for any reason please contact your Learning Technology Advisor who will help you with this.

Please note that enrolments to UniLearn for taught modules are handled by automatic processes linked to ASIS, therefore if students discover they are attached to the wrong modules then they must first check that their enrolment information is correct in ASIS by speaking to a Course Assistant/School Admin Office, the enrolments within UniLearn will normally be updated automatically within approximately one working day manually enroling students to standard modules will not fix the problem at its source, therefore we will only manually enrol students to modules in exceptional circumstances. 

What do Academic Staff Need to do before, during and after the Rollover Process?

Just before the Rollover Process:

  • You can start to make changes and develop your module but please do not change anything to do with Assessments or Assignments.

  • If you want to archive your own modules you can do this by using the Packages and Utilities under the Control Panel of the module and then download it as a zip file by selecting Export/Archive Module.


During the Rollover Process:

  • Your LTA will let you know when the annual rollover is taking place for your School.

  • Please do not amend your modules at all during this time as the changes may not be carried over and there might be a loss of data if you are working on modules while it is being rolled over.

  • The rollover does not affect modules which are still being taught; these can still be used and will remain accessible during and after the rollover period.


Once the Rollover Process is Complete: 

  • Your LTA will inform you when the process is complete for your School.

  • Only staff will have access to the new UniLearn module spaces; this is so that you can prepare your modules before access is made available to students, modules will be made available to students in September.

  • After the rollover all modules will have the year code replaced from ‘-1415’ to ‘-1516’  in the module code on UniLearn for example, a module with the code ABC1000-1415 this year will be rolled over as ABC1000-1516 for next year.

  • All modules are rolled over along with existing content, all staff are requested to go through the contents of your modules to make sure the content is updated for the next academic year.

  • All staff attached to their modules in the timetabling system should get attached to their modules in UniLearn after the rollover please check that you are enroled on all of your modules and let your Learning Technology Advisor know if any of these are incorrect/missing.

  • You need to tidy up your module content - please use the checklist below.

  • Please find the 'Consistent UniLearn menus' document attached here to guide you while updating your modules this year this document details the University's requirements on the content that should be available in every module.

  • For new modules the reading lists would be created automatically in MyReading system and there will be a link to the reading list from the new module in UniLearn. Please check if the link is working if you have a new module this year.


Checklist for Updating Modules Following the UniLearn Rollover

  1. General: Check that the modules you are expecting to see are there and your roles are correct on them.

  2. Announcements: Remove all old announcements you can bulk delete by using the Packages and Utilities under the Control Panel of the module and then selecting Bulk Delete.

  3. Announcements: Add a new announcement welcoming your students to their new module.

  4. Module Information: Check that the Module Information links to the current module handbook.

  5. Staff Information: Check that the staff information is present, up-to-date and reflects the staff due to be involved.

  6. Assessment: Check that the Assessment area is complete and up-to-date.

  7. Assessment: Check all old Turnitin assignments have either been removed and new ones added or update all the relevant dates for the assignments. Please also ensure all Turnitin Assignments allow for late submissions in the settings just in case of any technical issues near deadline dates.

  8. Learning Resources/Content Areas: Check all content is present and up to date.

  9. Learning Resources/Content Areas: Put adaptive release on content that is only applicable to sub-groups of your students, you can create your own groups in addition to UniLearn creating some groups automatically based on ASIS data (for example for cohorts on the same module with different starting dates) For more information about creating groups yourself or for those automatically created or how to use adaptive release please see your LTA.

  10. Learning Resources/Content Areas: Check all external links work.

  11. Reading List: Check the Reading list is present and up-to-date. If you Reading list does not work, please contact your Learning Technology Advisor who will help you with this. Click this link for help on updating your Reading List.

[Download this checklist]


Consistent UniLearn Menus

[Download this document] [Printable version of this document]


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