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UniLearn Issues

Current UniLearn Issues & Solutions
  1. My students can see their grades as I’m marking;
  2. I can’t see all my students names in the Turnitin inbox;
  3. How do my students access their marks and feedback in Turnitin?
  4. I can’t see the module buttons/navigation panel;
  5. YouTube Mashup feature not working


1. My students can see their grades as I’m marking

Problem: Students can see their grades before the post date

Cause: There is an intermittent integration error between Turnitin and Grade Centre which is not securing the relevant grade column.


  1. In Turnitin, check the “Post Date” and that “Reveal Grades…” is set to “Yes”; if so:
  2. Open the Grade Centre (Control Panel > Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre),
  • Find the equivalent column for the Turnitin submission (it will have the same title),
  • Set it to unavailable to users:
  • Click on the context menu in the column heading (the circle containing the chevron just to the right of the title):

  •  Select “Show/hide to users”:

  •   The “unavailable” icon, which looks like a blue circle with a red line through it,  should now appear:

  • Check the “Total” column and if necessary repeat the above steps.



2. I can’t see all my students names in the Turnitin inbox

Problem: The Turnitin inbox does not always show all student names.

Cause: A student’s name typically doesn’t appear in the inbox until one of three actions is performed;

(1)   They have submitted an assignment;

(2)   They have clicked the “View/Complete” link to look as the submission details; or

(3)   The “Roster Synch” button in the Turnitin inbox has been clicked, which populates the inbox with the names of all the students who are enrolled on the module.

Solution: none needed - as long as a student is enrolled on a module then they can submit to the Turnitin, regardless of whether their name appears in the inbox or not. If you are concerned about who has access then click on the “Roster Synch” button.



3. How do my students access their marks and feedback in Turnitin?

The following screencast shows you how students retrieve their feedback once you have marked their assignment in Turnitin's GradeMark

Students can access this video at



4. I can’t see the module buttons

Problem: Module navigation panel is obscured by announcements.

Cause: The function that allows the user to expand the content area for any content area is triggered automatically.

Solution: The panel can be re-sized by locating the thin grey bar between the panel and the edge of the screen – see screenshot below:

5. YouTube mashup not working

Here is a How to Guide and a screencast on how to get around this issue


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