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Below is the information and the guides for the classic Turninin interface.





Turnitin is an electronic submission tool that allows students to submit their written assignments in a variety of formats, each submitted piece of work is then checked for originality against a vast database of books, journal articles, web resources and previously submitted student papers a percentage originality score is produced along with a report identifying text in the submission which has matched other sources.

GradeMark is the electronic marking facility for the Turnitin plagiarism detection software it is intuitive and simple to use which makes it a logical choice for facilitating quick and comprehensive electronic online feedback to your students.

iPad App: Turnitin launched an iPad app in August 2013 which allows you to mark work on the iPad including while you're not connected to the internet. This video shows you how to set the app up to work with the UK version of Turnitin and how to link it to your modules, to watch the video click on the link; https://unitube.hud.ac.uk/View.aspx?ID=12998~5q~jKJJMsVWEY

Originality Checking and Electronic Marking

You can read more about Originality Checking and Electronic Marking here:

Screencast & How-to Guides for the Turnitin Classic

Below are some useful screencasts and how-to guides to help you use Turnitin & Grademark

Useful Links to Websites & Resources

Below are some useful links to external resources on Turnitin & Grademark

Turnitin FAQ

To view Turnitin FAQ, click here


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