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Quizzes in UniLearn

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Process of creating a quiz in UniLearn

There are three stages of setting up a quiz in UniLearn.

Firstly you will have to create a pool. Pools are sets of questions that can be added to any Test or Survey, pools are useful for storing questions and reusing them in more than one test or survey. 

The second stage is to create a test using the questions you have created from the pool, tests are sets of questions that are marked to measure student performance.

Finally the test must be deployed within a content folder before students can take the test, test results are reviewed in the Grade Centre note that some question types are not graded automatically.


Question types in UniLearn

There are 17 different question types available when creating a question, below are some guides to help you through creating each one.

Calculated Formula Fill in the Blank Opinion Scale
Calculated Numeric Hot Spot Question Ordering Question
EitherOr Jumbled Sentence Question Quiz Bowl
Essay Question Matching Questions Short Answer
File Response Question Multiple Answer Question True or False
Fill in Multiple Blanks Multiple Choice Questions  






How-To Guides

Follow the links below to go to the UniLearn screencasts and How-to guides where you will find some useful resources on creating pools, creating quizzes and delploying them.


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