HudStream is the name for the University of Huddersfield's Lecture Capture service. Whilst its primary function is lecture capture, it is capable of fulfilling several roles:

Lecture Capture is the term that we use for recording taught sessions in the University.

Screencasting is when a tutor, lecturer or student can record what is on their screen and can narrate the content for someone else to view. Available for computers and mobile devices.

Live Streaming events, such as graduation or guest lectures.


 There are two ways to log in to HudStream to see your captured lectures:

1) Log on to UniLearn, select one of your Modules and then go to 'Lecture Capture'. 

2) Go to and select              log in Using UniLearn from the pull-down menu. Type in your usual university log-in.              

Quick Links:

  • Edit Lecture Capture
  • Availability - How to make your recordings available.

 Need help? 
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