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Getting Started

 Quick Start Guide​

In essence, there is nothing you need to do to get started with Lecture Capture. The system is fully automated, so you can walk in to your room and start teaching. The lecture will be automcatially recoreded and uploaded into UniLearn 2 days later. You can tell that your lecture is being recorded by the green desk light, which will come on at the start and go off at the end. 
If you want to pause the recording of your lecture for any reason (for example, for a break in a long taught session or discussion with students), then you can press the light and it will turn orange to show you that the recording has paused. Press it again to resume the lecture. 

On this iPark site, you will find video guides that will talk you through how to edit your capture (although be aware that you are not expected to carry out any editing) and how to change the availability of the recorded lecture. 

You can also use the software to make your own recordings on your desktop/laptop computer or mobile device and these can be added to your course. This can be useful for supplementary materials or presenting new concepts. 

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us at / tel: 01484 473737

The Lecture Capture Room

How can you  tell your room is equipped for lecture capture? You will see a notification on the desktop of the computer, and also posters on the classroom walls. You will also see some additional equipment in the room. 

Rooms Enabled for Lecture Capture

The following is a link to the rooms at The University of Huddersfield that have Lecture Capture. (Autumn Term 2016):