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16. Using Quizzes in Unilearn

To familiarise participants with the Unilearn quizzes and the benefits they can afford staff and students. Enable learners to develop the hands-on skills needed to create quizzes in Unilearn.

Following the session the participants will be able to:

  • State the benefits of Unilearn quizzes to Staff and Students
  • Recognise teaching and learning opportunities where quizzes may help
  • Create a pool of questions
  • Create quizzes and deploy them to students within a Unilearn module
  • Grade quizzes

Introduction Video:



1. How to create a pool of questions in Unilearn

How to Guides:                                                           

1. How to create a pool in UniLearn

2. How to create a quiz in UniLearn

3. How to deploy a quiz in UniLearn








2. How to create a quiz in Unilearn


3. How to deploy a quiz in Unilearn



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